The Easiest Way To Pay Your Music Fees!


It’s simple!  When you do your daily shopping pay with gift cards instead of cash and

you will earn money for your student's music account.  100% of this money will be

applied to your student's account to help pay your music fees.  If you earn enough,

your earnings can even roll over to help pay next year’s fees.  You can also use it to pay for anything music outside of the music department.  Such as lessons, field trips, concerts, new instruments, uniforms, reeds, mouthpieces or anything needed that directly involves the VJA music department. 


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 to get started:

1. Go to and click the grey “Register” button on the top right of the screen and follow the on screen instructions to set up your account.

2. Register as a V J Andrew Music Parents Association member using our code: DBA1987434L81

3. Make sure to list your student’s name so the credit will be applied to the correct account!

4. Enroll in PrestoPay™.  Once you do, you can start shopping!  Instructions are on the next page.

5. Use MyScripWallet at to buy ScripNow or Reload your cards.

6. Then purchase gift cards at face value for locations that you normally shop at such as grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, retail stores and more all while earning money to pay your fees!  Most have a reloadable option, so you can keep the hard card in your wallet and just reload your funds from your account when needed.


Physical card orders are always due on the 2nd & 4th Saturdays of the month by midnight, holiday times may vary.   Pick up is at my house usually the following Tuesday and you will be notified on that day around 5 pm with pick up instructions.


 This can also be done by your family members, friends and neighbors and all benefiting your account!


So why not give ShopWithScrip a try?

There’s nothing to download or install, it doesn’t cost a thing,

and you’ll love all the convenient options.



If you think you will never you this service, you might in your 4 years. 

I suggest you register so you have the option.  If you never use it, no problem.



Any questions, contact:
Michelle Campbell

Call/Text me at 708.989.8140



PrestoPay™ is a convenient way for your families to pay your organization for their orders, on-line, at the time they place their order. GLSC will accept their payment on your behalf.

GLSC will debit the designated account for the face value of the order plus a small convenience fee of $0.15 on the day the order is placed.  


PrestoPay™ payments are made to GLSC on behalf of our organization. If your order with PrestoPay™ is returned or rejected for any reason, including non-sufficient funds or checking account information imputed incorrectly, one of the following actions will be taken:

·  If you placed a physical order and the VJA Scrip Coordinator has not placed the order yet, the order will be cancelLed and you will be charged a $30 service fee.

·  If you placed a ScripNow order, a Reload order or the physical card order has processed, you will be responsible to pay the VJA Music Department the amount of your order as well as the $30 service fee. Again, this is per order. 



Log into your SWS account, Click Dashboard, Go to Family Functions and Click Payment Types.