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Chorale is the top mixed, auditioned chorus.  

All previous concepts and fundamentals of choral singing apply to the fullest. Being the premiere ensemble, the musical, rehearsal, and performance expectations are all set at a much higher level. This group also functions as the touring choir, when such opportunities are presented, and a greater time commitment is assumed upon selection.

Bel Canto


Bel Canto is an auditioned women’s chorus consisting of second through fourth year students.  The focus of this group is to build upon previous choral experiences and utilize those expanded capabilities to dive into more challenging treble literature and advanced choral techniques. 

VJA Cappella


VJA Cappella is a mixed, auditioned pop/jazz octet open to all students.  The focus of this group will be to learn proper stylistic treatment of pop/jazz literature while fully performing and entertaining audiences through song.  Rehearsals will be held once a week in the evening.  Be on the lookout!  Auditions will be held after curricular choir placements.  Come out and audition -- you’ll have a blast!

Concert Choir


Concert Choir is a mixed intermediate ensemble consisting of both female and male students ranging from second to fourth year.  Due to the wide range of student experience level, an equally wide variety of choral considerations will be taught including healthy voice production, note-reading, vowel shape and blend, solfege, rhythm exercises and appropriate performance practices.

Cantabile Choir

Cantabile Choir is an entry-level chorus comprised of first year choral students.  Members of the group will build healthy choral and vocal techniques such as forming proper vowel shapes, developing internal rhythm, establish appropriate blend, increase their music literacy, practice sight-reading, and learn solfege.



Victor Sisters is an all-level auditioned female ensemble made to foster pop and jazz vocalization. Consider it VJA Cappella, without the men!



Man Choir is an all-level, non-auditioned male choir 

Established to foster good vocal habits and machismo

bonding in a highly musical atmosphere.  Huzzah!  Added

emphasis will be placed on the development of the male

voice and having a great time. 

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