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Marching Band Forms

Each form is a clickable link to open up the appropriate item. The last form is your place to ask questions regarding the information provided. 


BAND APP - BAND is our communication platform for quick reminders, forms, bus and room sign ups, and many other things. Students are required to register for the BAND and parents are encouraged to register to stay informed. The link for our BAND is below and can be accessed via a browser or iOS/Android app. BAND


CUT TIME - Cut Time is our membership database where we can manage your information while you are a member of the VJA Band. This platform is where we handle your financial accounts including payments and fundraiser accounts. Most importantly, this is how we communicate with you via email/text. You’ll receive emails/texts from me and members of our music parent board regarding updates and a variety of other topics and trips throughout the year. We ask that you verify your information with one of our parents before leaving the meeting. Once all of your information is entered into Cut Time a welcome message will be sent to you in order to join.



FACEBOOK - We have two Facebook pages. One that is a public “like” page at The public page is where we share accomplishments, successes, and memories for you to share as a member of the program. We also have a closed group for you to join at You have to request to join and answer the questions. The closed group is more logistical in nature and is another place to receive information about the goings-on of the program. During the marching season, we post lots of photos in the group.


TWITTER/X - Our X (formerly known as Twitter) page is Feel free to follow. It’ll have the same posts as the Facebook page.


Don’t worry, the same information is posted and emailed to all of these platforms. As parents, you shouldn’t feel like you have to access all of these social media platforms if you don’t want to. These are just other places we share the same information for people to access easily.

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